Friday, April 09, 2021

“Facing My Fear of Heights by Skydiving” , Ethan Lusby


In flight over Nevada, 2018

Facing My Fear of Heights by Skydiving” by Ethan Lusby Travels.

The Thumbnail title is “I Passed Out: Unconscious Ethan”.

I think Ethan in 19 now, and I don’t think this was necessarily his birthday, but (like Avi Shiffmann and Trey Yingst) he tried jumping out of planes.

This time, an instructor was strapped to him, above him.  But in other videos, I’ve seen people (Trey) jump alone.

A large crew was hired to film the jump from the plane or from other jumpers.

He recently rehabbed his van, and he is all that his dog Millie knows.

This looks like it is filmed over the desert east of San Diego, maybe closer to San Bernadino.

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