Friday, April 30, 2021

"Dogpatch", an abandoned amusement park in Arkansas becomes a home for an alien

Shelter on White Rock Mountain


Dogpatch” may sound like an unlikely name for a sic-fi film.

Directed by Tristan Ray and offered by Stingray films, it presents a police officer Aiden Fort (Damian Costello), who gets a call to check out a disturbance at an abandoned theme park called the Dogpatch in the Arkansas Ozarks.  He runs into a pesky old friend Clem (Tim Grassi), and insists on doing the trip alone. At the park he runs into another teenager and then a faceless alien who can make himself dematerialize.

But it’s a nice little autumn road trip.

Picture: CCC shelter from White Rock Mountain in Ozarks, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution

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