Monday, March 08, 2021

"What to Do Before Making Your Video": advice from senior documentary filmmaker David Hoffman


W Va Allegheny Mountain on US50 2009

David Hoffman:  What to Do Before Making Your Video” (Jan 22, 2021)

He particularly talks about setting up situational videos where the reaction of the subject to the surprise circumstances is the reason for the video. So you could film a celebrity to get their reaction to a surprise filming.  Some of his advice might apply to filming demonstrations and protests, or maybe even the police.  He presumably is emphasizing YouTube, or perhaps a short film for a festival submission.

He also talks about getting liability insurance and mentions two times he was sued.  One time a doctor sued him for referring to the doctor as a hippy, but the court bought the argument that no harm was shown.  But another time his filming a teenage girl led (supposedly) to her being bullied at school, but still the case got dismissed.

This short is apparently #5 in a series, and he says he has a sequence of lessons on Skillshare.

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