Thursday, March 18, 2021

"The Complete Evergreen Story" following the 2017 Day of Absence

The Evergreen State College


Benjamin A. Boyce presents “The Complete Evergreen Story”, much of it told through meetings and interviews in July 2017, about the woke “day of absence” on the Evergreen State College Campus in 2017.

Dr. Bret Weinstein had refused to participate because it seemed like a group-oriented, reparative remedy that depended on arbitrary assignment of people into groups rather than their own individual actions.

Yet many (woke) students took the position that providing identity-based safe-spaces was necessary, otherwise the world would become a privilege-based meritocracy, and could navigate toward fascism.

This seems like a question of “mandatory socialization”.

The college is located in Olympia, Washington. The college has unusual approaches to curricula and majors, as Wikipedia explains.

Wikipedia embed of panorama of campus, click for attribution.

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