Saturday, March 27, 2021

"Red Rover": a "sci-fi short film about the end of the world"


Hudson Valley town, Oct 2014

The “Short of the Week” channel offers a 2014 film (in Feb. 2021), “Red Rover”, directed by Brooke Goldfinch.  The film was funded in Australia but is set in the Hudson Valley, New York. It calls itself a "Sci-Fi Short Film about the End of the World". 

The link is hereYT has marked this film as age-restricted (although it isn't really clear why). 

As an unstoppable asteroid approaches Earth, people prepare their last day.  A fundamentalist Christian family gets up its kids for one last breakfast.  The oldest sister encourages her teen brother and one other sibling not to eat the food but to take it and run out. 

The family dies immediately of poisoning, and the girl pukes on the way out.  They make it to town and find a sex orgy in a motel.  Then the go into the woods to meet their maker.

Starring Natale Racossin, Christopher Gray, and Idela Cory.

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