Thursday, March 04, 2021

“I Hated 1950s Physical Education: Here’s Why”, according to filmmaker David Hoffman


D in tumbling, 1959 PE


David Hoffman presents, “I Hated 1950s Physical Education: Here’s Why” (22 min).

Hoffman presents a PTA meeting in 1956 where parents and teachers discussed whether kids needed organized instruction in “play”.

The film offers a newsreel-style argument for socialization, learning to compete as part of a team,

But it’s also interesting that during the Eisenhower years, the military had noticed that American boys were not as fit as European boys.

We had pretty well organized phys ed, and I was not good at it.  But one time I “pitched” a shutout of 3 innings in softball (a one strike rule) and hit a singe-turned-home run when it skipped between the outfielders with no outfield fence.

We did not have swimming in high school, and I had to deal with it in college.

But the very worst topic for me was tumbling.

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