Wednesday, March 24, 2021

"How to Tell if You Are on the Autism Spectrum": the (evolutionary) value of absolute individualism


northern VA, right after 2016 election

A channel called “Aspergers from the Inside” offers at least three videos on how someone can determine if they are autistic (Aspergers is clinically seen as part of the autism spectrum), and the most important one is “Are You Undiagnosed Austistic? How to Tell If You are on the Autism Spectrum”, which was a “patron’s” choice (from Patreon).  The video is self-described as a “Part 2” (Dec. 2019).

The speaker, an articulate young British man, mentions three main signs: (1) you “feel different” (2) you find yourself not being believed by others (3) not being able to mix naturally into a group without a lot of conscious effort.

On the first point, he mentions asking one time as a boy if he was an “alien” from another planet. It would be like asking a cat to join a “pack” of dogs (or wolves). 

He also says that people with Aspergers are often targets of gaslighting in social situations.

Asperger’s might be a “genetic” adaptation to the reality that it is sometimes an advantage to be able to function well alone without others in the environment.  That is why (most species of) cats are more solitary than most dogs or canids, they have to be able to hunt and survive alone.  Persons on the high end of Asperger’s are often likely to question the motives of their “tribe” and less likely to join in with “solidarity” with others or believe in identarian theories of abuse (intersectionality).  Jordan Peterson seems to urge everyone to take on a pinch of Aspergers with his “clean your room” ideology.

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