Saturday, March 20, 2021

"Can Cats Recognize Their Owners?"

Felis silvestris catus lying on rice straw


Senior cat wellness asks “Can Cats Recognize their Owners?” (May 13, 2020)

Yes they do, but not from vision resembling faces, has human faces look the same to us, just as theirs might to us.  And they are farsighted.

But the do go by smell, sound, maybe magnetic fields.

When I lived in Dallas in a garden apartment 2nd floor, a neighborhood tom whom we named Timmy recognized the sound of my car and would run to the front to of my apartment, remembering exactly which one it was.

replacement apts on Lucas St in Oak Lawn, near Dallas North Tollway, where I lived in 1979

If he spent the night, he would come into the bedroom and knead the pillow if he had to go outside. "Mr. Clinton" on Louis Rossmann's channel is so much like Timmy (screaming at the mention of Cuomo) that I wonder if he is a reincarnation of Timmy. 

Wikipedia picture of a cat in a loaf position, embed, click for attribution 

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