Thursday, March 25, 2021

A preview of "Not Going Quietly" from SXSW, about activist Ady ABarkan, who has ALS


Austin, TX 2011

There is one other film to preview from SXSW, which I would expect to become available virtually (or maybe be released theatrically first) before too long, “Not Going Quietly”, directed by Nicholas Bruckman, a biography of activist Ady Barkan.

Barkan was diagnosed with ALS in 2016 at age 33, shortly after the birth of his son. He became an activist for health care reform (and practicing attorney), with a confrontation with Republican Senator Jeff Flake on a plane.

The major film about ALS from the past was “The Theory of Everything” (about Stephen Hawking, reviewed here Nov. 14, 2014).

Ford Fischer (News2Share) provided some health careprotest footage for this film, which won the SXSW award for Documentary Audience. 

This film might well fit PBS Independent Lens (hope they wouldn’t cut the 96 minutes to fit if they buy it;  PBS often cuts and over-frames the films it airs).

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