Wednesday, March 03, 2021

"A Fresh Start: From an African Refugee Camp to the U.S."

Entebbe vue du ciel


DW Documentary (Germany) offers “A Fresh Start” (42 min), directed by Gregoire Gosset, with the long time “From an African Refugee Camp to the U.S.”.

The film tracks several people from Uganda to the United States being settled as refugees.  One of the most important is a father with five children, who had fled genocide in the Congo in 1996 to Entebbe in Uganda. The closeness and warmth of the family in crowded circumstances is very noticeable, but it would make the family vulnerable to Covid anywhere in the world until vaccinated. They will have a better chance of getting vaccinated here. 

Generally, families are housed in setaside apartments and entire group, often a church, looks after them.  Sponsorship in the United States, outside large organizations, is usually limited to blood family.  Maybe that will change under Biden.  In Canada, groups of individuals up to five can agree to be responsible for supporting a refugee (or sometimes an asylum seeker) for up to a year. In the gay community, people sometimes house asylum seekers themselves (I considered this in 2016), and that can bring additional personal risks (including now Covid).  

The family mentioned above is settled in Chicago.  The film tracks a couple other men, one of whom his hitchhiking to meet up with a fiancée already in the US in Salt Lake City.

Wikipedia embed of Entebbe, click for attribution. 

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