Saturday, March 13, 2021

1950s High School Dress Club and Classroom Management (as per David Hoffman)


My high school, 1961 (Washington-Liberty now, Arlington VA)

David Hoffman Has Some Fun with 1950s High School Dress Codes.  Did They Work?” (Sept 2020). 

Well, sort of.

But two-thirds of the film shows a middle school math teacher, a Mr. Grimes, try two different styles of “classroom management”. The class is ninth grade, which used to be "junior high school".  After my time it moved to senior high school.  He finally has to teach the concept of ratios.  (No Hilbert spaces this time.)

With the first style, he is antagonistic and has severe discipline problems.

With the replay, he is more laid back and gets better, though not perfect behavior.

When I worked as a substitute teacher, 2004-2007, at least with middle school, classroom discipline was an issue.  I was too laid back to intervene in situations I had no real knowledge of.

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