Monday, February 22, 2021

"The Problem with Hyper-Individualism" (this guy wants to recruit you into his mass movement as a true believer)


LIRR, 2019

Second Thought examines “The Problem with Hyper-Individualism”.

The title sounds like it should be a Martin Goldberg video, like "The Problem with 'Clean Your Room'". 

Well, he speaks up for mass movements, and at 9:00 he says, when you see yourself as in competition with everyone else, “you’re turning your back on what it means to be human”.

He show cameo shots of his favorite anti-heroes, like Elon Mush and David Rubin, oh, and Jordan Peterson, of course.

Here’s an old essay of mine from 2004, “Hyperindividualism v. Solidarity”.  Yet, I tend to think, mass movements are for losers.

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