Monday, February 01, 2021

"The Boy Who Can't Forget": in Britain, young adults with perfect photographic memories for life; genetics?


apartment complex in Dallas, had been Harvey's Racquet, 2018

The “Only Human” channel presents “The Boy Who Can’t Forget” (46 min), posted in Dec. 2017.

The film presents a 20 year-old British lad who can remember every day of his life, at least back to infancy.  He is a walking perpetual calendar, and can name the weekday of any date.  He is not a savant or autistic, and is socially normal with friends (the film later on tended to hint that he is gay).

The film presents a young woman, and several other people.

Late in the film, Auerelian (if I heard his name right) travels to Italy to have an unusual brain scan to examine how his brain works during these recollections.  They found unusual connections through the corpus collosum.

Possibly the brain changes are epigenetic, but they would seem to be beneficial.

I had a coworker in Dallas with a totally photographic memory in the 1980s (in mainframe computing).  One of his hobbies was cooking, and he was gay.

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