Thursday, February 04, 2021

"Pandemic 19", video diary of three doctors in the early days of COVID


NYC/NJ from Freedom Tower, 2015

World Films, PBS and WETA present a 29-minute film “Pandemic 19”, directed by Young Chang and Annie Katsura Rollins, link.

Three young doctors vide us video diaries of  March and April of 2020.

One of them, the man, moves from the Bay Area to New York. The load of Covid patients is light in the Bay Area (Gavin Newsome’s “shelter in place”) but intensifies quickly in NYC.  The film gives the exponentially rising case count several times;  by March 31 it was already twice what had been reported officially from China.  He talks about the extreme hygiene necessary on the job, never touching your face. 

A female doctor talks more about the patients, and the day she extubated two patients.

But another female from Canada, an emergency room doctor, loses her job as the ordinary emergency room loses “business”.  But why didn’t she go to work in a COVID emergency room?

They also talk about improvising masks in the early days.

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