Sunday, February 28, 2021

“Multi-Species Civilizations and Co-Alien Habitats” by Isaac Arthur, gets beyond race


Langley Museum, Virginia, 2012 

Isaac Arthur explores “Multi-Species Civilizations and Co-Alien Habitats”, by Isaac Arthir.

Arthur starts out by invoking the world of the first Star Wars Movie (1977) with dozens of species, consorting with one another in that gay bar scene on another planet. 

Earth is “lucky” that there is just one dominant species, which is entirely interchangeable reproductively and biologically equal in capability.  Race is not as big a problem, as species equality if they were able to live together. This might not be the case in all alien worlds.

Actually, dolphins and orcas may be about the same as us in intelligence, but live in separate environments.  Even so, there are ethical and moral problems, with using these equals in amusement parks, or in the distant past as a source of whale oil.

But intelligent beings based on totally different biology are unlikely to share the same continental living spaces, despite all of Isaac’s claims.  Isaac’s ideas of breeding cats or dogs with human intelligence sound interesting, but then what about other apes. 

Our nation of intelligence is also limited by culture.  Your cat is smart in ways you are not because “they” can survive in the wild on the own when you cannot. And animals may understand our world better than we think they can, as when they warn us of gas leaks or approaching storms.

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