Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Christopher Nolan expected to break ties with Warner Brothers over HBOMax deal


A big theater in Cleveland, 2012 

Cortex Videos discusses “Christopher Nolan Is Leaving Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers is the distributor for his recent major films.  Nolan is concerned about WB’s decision to go to HBO Max streaming simultaneously with theatrical release, obviously motivated by the long time in many months it is taking to get out from under the pandemic

 A Nolan film is always a visual spectacle and does "world-building" and begs to be experienced in a theater with wide screen, Imax, Dolby Atmos, maybe 3-D, etc.  New filmmakers are not usually in a position to hold those expectations. 

The commentary distinguishes between “franchise” and “non-franchise” films, and Nolan does both.  In the world of trademark law, and as business practicality, that’s an important concept in planning a film, especially in sci-fi:  does the author of the idea envision a sequel with the same characters?   Is a first film a “Pilot” for a franchise?  I don’t think that’s necessarily a wholesome concept for new filmmakers.

But the entire industry, obviously reeling with the disruption of the pandemic, considers Nolan to be one of its most important contributors.

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