Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire will hire Gina Carano with this Daily Wire media company for a feature film, after Disney fires her over "un-woke" tweet


My own shadow

Ben Shapiro, using his company the Daily Wire, will fund a film for Gina Carano, after her firing for supposedly inappropriate metaphors about the Holocaust.  It was a meme of not offending your neighbors?  But the subject matter for the film has not yet been disclosed.

There are stories in many sources, including Times of Israel and the CNBC.

Tim Pool’s video discusses what I call the Left’s “quid pro quo” demanding you actually join up with them or get cancelled.

He also mention Ben Shapiro’s “Run Hide Fight” (directed Kyle Rankin) which I may watch when it goes online.  Apparently it is distributed by Daily Wire, which I had not been aware distributes films. 

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