Thursday, February 25, 2021

"A Concerto Is a Conversation", NYTimes op-doc about a black composer interviewing his grandfather from the Jim Crow era


Alabama, 2014


Ben Proudfoot offers a short film for New York Times Op-Docs, at Sundance 2021, “A Concerto Is a Conversation” (14 min).  There was a special occasion with QA in Los Angeles on Feb 24 (which I missed). 

The film is motivated by the world premiere (at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles) of a Violin Concerto by 29-year-old black composer Kris Bowers.  Most of the film he interviews his grandfather Horace, who left Alabama during the Jim Crow era and set up a clothing business in Los Angeles, using the mail for communication to stay out of sight.

The film has many black-and-white clips of life in the segregated South.

Bowers composed the music score for the film "Green Book". 

I will listen to the concerto soon and discuss it on my music blog.

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