Saturday, February 06, 2021

"A Complete Guide to YouTube Growth" (Nate O'Brien)


Philadelphia 2018

I’ll call this a movie today, and share Nate O’Brien’s “A Complete Guide to YouTube Growth”.  Actually the formal title is “How I Gained 800000 Subscribers on YouTube.”

Youtubing in a sense has replaced blogging, since about 2013 or so, as something that you might make a living out of if you’re good enough, well, like Pew Die Pie.

He gives an interesting discussion of the importance of non-verbose thumbnails (as opposed to video titles). 

There are two things you need: production quality, which O’Brien talks about (I would lose the “sweater weather” mug), and expertise in a subject matter.

Some channels get successful without political controversy.  Look at John Fish (Harvard college channel), Max Reisinger (running a clothing business as a teenager).  That’s because they are appealing to start with and are addressing the issue of how to succeed at things without blatant salesmanship or manipulation.  There is a need, however, to address how to adapt to severe problems in the outside world, such as COVID now.

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