Sunday, January 24, 2021

"Wonderkid": a gay star soccer player hides out from his tormentors but still comes through

Football pitch metric

Wonderkid”, directed by Rhys Chapman, written by Marr Diss, presents a gay star British soccer player (Chris Mason) trying to avoid the subtle harassment of his teammates (30 min), om the Alexis Labtec channel.

The kid spends a lot of time sulking in hotel rooms, despite neatly packing and folding his clothes, and secretly making rendez-vous near Piccadilly Circus.  I don’t know if this could have happened during the pandemic, the film was released in July 2020.

There is one encounter toward the end.  Let your partner do it, I say. 

The soccer ("Association football") field diagram embedded from Wikipedia, click for attribution. 

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