Wednesday, January 20, 2021

TRT World: "What Is Antifa?": can it morally barge in on "gentrified" outdoor dining?


Philadelphia, 2006

TRT World, from the Turkish Public Broadcast Service, presents a short narrated by Yunus Paksoy, “What Is Antifa?

Paksoy interviews Antifa activist Jason Charter, who makes three “demands”.

In the middle of the 11-minute film he migrates to interview Ford Fischer, who owns his own media company News2Share from Washington DC. 

Fischer points out that Antifa groups believe it is perfectly legitimate morally to protest in “gentrified” neighborhoods to point out to new residents and property owners that they have personally become part of the problem.

Later Paksoy presents some footage of the Capitol riots and then questions Charter about when violence against ordinary civilians is warranted.  He thinks he does have a right to barge into gentrified, privilege people having dinner and demanding allyship from them. He thinks that is not too much to ask given the circumstances. 

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