Thursday, January 07, 2021

"This Is a Test" of how your afterlife starts


my train set 

This Is a Test”, by Nathaniel Hoopes (16 minutes) on the DUST Channel.

Well, in an IT shop, we would have said, if it works, it’s production, otherwise it’s a test.

An obese man does string-theory dimensional travel to various locations in his life, carrying a pet jellyfish in a bowl, and sometimes using a Sony HD camera with a small screen. 

The effect is that of a David Lynch movie, reminiscent of Eraserhead and with a song that reminds me of the Lady in the Radiator.

Perhaps this is what happens at Death, time stops and you loop through your life infinitely. If your brain is still physically intact.

The end credits roll so fast you can't read the actor's name. 

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