Friday, January 08, 2021

"The Mistake I Made When Hollywood Stole My Screenplay" (Shane Stanley)


Hotel room on the 405, in 2012

Shane Stanley explains “The Mistake I Made When Hollywood Stole My Screenplay”.

He says register your work with the copyright office, not just Writers Guild West.

When the film comes out, the Monday before the Friday opening, you file a complaint.

I wonder how likely this would be with my own “Epiphany” screenplay.  So many charactersm so complicated.  But one good idea I’ll share here:  a guy could to an intentional community, in resignation after the world falls apart, and offer to build them a system to turn work credits into cryptocurrency.

This writer says, don’t share their work (even in Zoom sessions)?  Is it really that likely to happen?

To be “ripped” is a common slang among videographers and some screenwriters.

There is a different culture between people who write for a living and people who write out of ego.



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