Monday, January 11, 2021

Producers want to see brief synopses of proposed films before they see scripts or even long treatments


Mason Locke Weems and George Washington, VA

Shane Stanley (the Film Courage channel, from Oct 20, 2020, explains “Producers don’t want to read your screenplay; here’s what they really want.”

They don’t have time for full scripts.  They want a logline and two-page synopsis, one paragraph per act.  If appropriate (for a layered film) they may read a detailed treatment which could run twenty pages and shows all the backstories and character arcs.  You should copyright all your materials first before you send it to them (with the copyright office was well as Writer’s Guild. If the treatment is based on a previously published book, the connections (and changes) and legal stuff would have to be clearly stated. 

He also talked about the value of art work, and talked about that kinds of films are perceived as making money.  Exotic locations help.

Tyler Mowery (Practical Screenwriting) has a 24-part thread on Twitter today on screenwriting advice. 

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