Thursday, January 21, 2021

"I Can't Actually Believe This": comedy by Connor Franta ("Pigeons and Doves")


w Hollywood 2012

Connor Franta does another short monologue in his “Slice of Life” series, “I Can’t Actually Believe This”, alternative title, “Pigeons and Doves”. After publication he changed the title to "This Is a Lie

Connor uses pixie-like effects in his minimalist townhouse in West Hollywood, where he draws an analogy between the differences between pigeons and doves, and the dichotomy “Black Lives Matter” v. “all lives matter”.

There’s also the issue of his plants, which seem to be conscious life forms.

I have pigeons on my balcony, but it Is the crow, who will watch me work at my computer for 15 minutes at a time and return, like this unit is his.

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