Tuesday, January 26, 2021

How does gay soft core survive the pandemic? "The Elevator Interview"


LA at night, the 405, 2012

 The Associated Press explains how the porn industry can function during the pandemic.  Having very small sets helps.  And there is indeed rapid testing (antigen) with instant results before work.  Why don’t the rest of us have access to that?

I have to say that in the gay area, “soft”, where there are characters and a story and where the pace is deliberate, comes across much better.

Here is an example of a soft film (must sign in, rated a soft R but you aren’t supposed to embed), that I will rename, “The Elevator Interview”, rather like an elevator pitch for a screenplay.

Two guys get trapped on a stuck elevator. At least there is no power outage and the light stays on.  The more aggressive guy was supposed to interview the other one for a direct sales job.

The interviewer speaks slowly and “inspects” and "puts the make on" his catch one button at a time (although button number 3 gets undone by itself).  

The video used to be on the “Gay Awesome” channel (about professional men in suits) which was deleted (Christmas Day) for trademark or copyright infringement, and was picked up by another one.

There is a review of “Pornstar Pandemic” on one of my Wordpress channels.

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