Friday, January 22, 2021

"Fractal": curious sci-fi horror, very personalized


Model railroad 

Fractal” (19 min), from Bad Media Student (“Bad Robot”???), directed and written by Blake Hurford, looks enticing.  The title is interesting (self-replication of a pattern, common in nature). 

A young special ops student Maya (Skye Butcher) has finished her training and is sent back to her boyfriend (Zach Raabe), who had expected a relatively “conventional” relationship. 

She keeps relapsing into memories of her trainer (a fattish guy played by Jaxon Graham-Wilson) and deteriorates mentally.  Her genuine (and lean) boyfriend doesn’t notice the danger he is in, until too late.

I don’t think the physicality of the climax will be very clear to most viewers.

The film’s scenes are shot with different color filters to suggest various kinds of color-blindness.

There is some interesting background music:  a Chopin mazurka, and then some music that sounds rather like Max Reger.

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