Monday, January 18, 2021

"Coronavirus Complications: Life After the Virus" (DW Documentary, Germany)



DW Documentary presents “Coronavirus Complications: Life After the Virus”, from Dec. 2020.

Filmed in Germany, the documentary examines the course of patients who go to the Schoen Klinik in Bavaria.  People who thought they had mild cases find their endurance and breathing capacity severely reduced even months later.  This is being reported more recently.

People go down to it for physical rehabilitation of their lung capacity.

Maria is a physician and is unable to meet the physical demands of the job with emergency treatment of patients.  On the other hand, Christopher finally recovers well enough to train for a marathon, after six months.

Recently, medical journals have reported that even asymptomatic cases often show significant damage on chest X-ray.  Among people whom I know, this has not really been confirmed. 

Wikipedia picture embed from Bavaria, click for embed 

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