Friday, January 29, 2021

"Colonizing Red Dwarfs" with Isaac Arthur

Synchronous rotation


Colonizing Red Dwarfs”, with Isaac Arthur, just added Jan 28, 2021.

I thought I would go back to some serial sci-fi documentary, as this was popular a couple years ago.

Red dwarfs can last trillions of years.  The main problem is that the ones that are stable now may have blown off the atmospheres of their eligible planets when they were younger and more “virile”.

Planets that are tidally locked are also less likely to have atmospheres. 

Yet, advanced civilizations are likely to have wanted to colonize them.

Wikipedia embed of illustration of tidal locking, click for embed.  Arthur describes tidal locking as more complicated than generally understood;  wobbles and mismatches and very long periods do happen.  

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