Tuesday, December 01, 2020

“Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue”, science and anthropology lesson

Blue Jay Ash RWD5

 AaapScience explains “Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue”, posted Nov. 24. 2020. 

Very few objects in nature are blue (bird with blue feathers are so because of reflective subtraction, not pigment).  So ancient minds tended to perceive blue as without color, a kind of gray.

Our brains learn to see color because we give them connation.  Crayon boxes present brown as a separate color, and we don’t perceive it as a dark orange. Likewise, our brains perceive pink as a separate color from red.

Our actual experience of color is socially constructed.

Facebook uses the color blue because its founder is partially color-blind.

Imagine making a movie called “Color” in black and white.  Only a nitwit would do that.

On Oct 15, 2008 here there is discussion of the three colors trilogy by Kiewslowski.

Wikipedia Blue Jay picture, embed, click for attribution. 

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