Sunday, December 27, 2020

"Whiteout": film shot in a single take as a couple driving in a blizzard confronts a homeless man in the road


Feb 2010 blizzard in DC area

Whiteout” by Lance Edmands, presents a young couple driving a deserted road at night in a snowstorm, when they come upon an apparent drunk man (Patrick Tihany) in the way.

There is a philosophical conflict between the man and woman  (David Call and Sarah Tihany) as to their duty to help, and they call 911.

They sacrifice the coat that the man and try to help him.

They get back into the car, and the man charges.  They have to drive off. The cops are coming.

The film (from Washington Square Films) was shot in a single take and was released on another channel in late 2019. It was placed on the Alter channel a few days ago.

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