Friday, December 25, 2020

"Timelapse of Future Technology 2022-4000", and yes AI will become self-aware


Bronx Botanical Museum, 2014 

Venture City presents “Timelapse of Future Technology 2022-4000”.

Elon Mush will launch a vehicle to Mars in 2022?

Humans will get tattoos and dermal implants to control devices and even communicate telepathically. Bioengineering will reduce or reverse aging.

Late in this century, quantum computers will be able to create conscious beings that live 5000 years and can even have their own funerals.

By about 2300 we will be a Type 1 civilization  and soon after be able to build a Dyson Sphere and become more like a Type 2 (Kardashev scale).  It will take until 4000 to become a type 3 and control the galaxy and manipulate space-time.

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