Wednesday, December 16, 2020

"Line 21", microshort about a very bifurcated world in 2184


Christmas show, VA

Rafael Dufour presents the micro sort film “Line 21” for Artfx, May 2020.

In 2184, the rich people live above the clouds (in separate high rises, reachable by a super elevator) and the poor people live in barrios on the ground.  It sounds like “Elysium” (Aug 10, 2013).

Actually, middle class people don’t live well either.  When a young woman attempts to get on a tram to take her to the sky, a robot stops her.

Then we learn that the robot, driven by AI, has emotions and is aware of itself.

The last minute of the 4-1/2 minute film is taken up by snazzy credits.

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