Thursday, December 03, 2020

"Life in Germany-Occupied France" from 1940-1944, from the Armchair Historian

Invalides aerial view


The Armchair Historian presents “Life in German-Occupied France”, which seems to have a game manufacturer as a sponsor.

The channels seems to have several animated films showing the effect of war on civilians.

The video explains the split between Vichy France and Occupied France, and then (after a brief introduction showing a family scurrying in Paris backstreets) and then shows the impact on civilians.  There was rationing of food, which caused some starvation.  The French laborers were conscripted as slaves in order to return political prisoners from Germany to France.

The history of the effect of war on civilians is always important, and the moral questions are sometimes parallel to those of the pandemic.

Wikipedia embed of Invalides defense museum, Paris, click for attribution 

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