Saturday, December 12, 2020

"How to Get Your Film on Netflix" with Brett Culp

flying over Utah, 2018

 “The Art of Photography” offers a video  How to Get Your Film on Netflix”, with filmmaker Brett Culp.

He started out working in wedding photography (like a film I remember from 2002, “Married at the Mall” in Minneapolis), and came up on the idea of kids (often with medical issues) overcoming adversity with a “#WeAreBatman” idea.

He went on to make a film “Legends of the Night” (2013), based on the idea of storytelling on hero characters to lift people up.  Later he made “Look to the Sky” (2017).

He talks about the “passion in your heart” with “what the world needs”.    We get selfish, “I will do it for me.”  (Like finish Bruckner’s Ninth?).

 This question could apply to how to sell to Amazon Prime or to YouTube Original.  YouTube seems to want to be a little more like Netflix, with all its censorship. 

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