Saturday, December 26, 2020

"Haunted Holiday: Gay Ghost Haunting", erotic adventure from India; why did YouTube channel "Gay Awesome" get axed on Christmas Day?


St park in Maryland

Haunted Holiday: Gay Ghost Hauntings”, from Rudra Productions, is an extended fantasy-mystery road trip gay film (33 minutes), directed by Amit and Mohit Singh, apparently from India.

Two young men and a young woman go away for a holiday.  At night they have car trouble, and are led to a haunted hotel.

In the hotel there are some odd people (one who walks on all fours), and an enigmatic young man who seems to be gay.   So the two young men (Ashkit and Mohay, I think) are drawn to him, and then discover each other, just as Khushi is trying to get them checked out the next morning.

Then there is a flash of light and seemingly a medical catastrophe.  Maybe that’s a spoiler.

The film (apparently in Hindi) did not provide subtitles.

As another note, a channel of gay soft core videos of men in suits was suddenly taken down Christmas Day by YouTube, called “Gay Awesome”, also calling itself “The Office”.  Indeed bizarre.

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