Saturday, December 05, 2020

"Dominant Chord": a gay country music singer is put on the spot by his record label


Nevada, 2012, my trip

Dominant Chord” is a new gay short film by Jeremy Leroux (website).

Adam Charles (Clayton Chitty) is married to Brian (Sean Proague), and is a country-music star. When gay-bashed in the streets, his record label gets concerned about him and his “brand” (a kind of perversion of the idea of trademark). The company (Jolene, Caitlyn Stryker) wants to send him on a paid trip to Mexico pretending to be straight with women in sexual situations.

Obviously, his husband feels this is an invitation to cowardice.

In these days of woke politics, I doubt any major record label would really find it good business to behave this way.

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