Wednesday, November 11, 2020

"The Clue", gentle short film about treasure hunt(s)


The Clue”, directed by Judie Fenstra, from Chaos2Love, on Miss Robslyn’s channel, Jan. 2019, 10 minutes, with many festivals and awards, presents a kind treasure hunt.

A young woman find a message reflected in her bathroom mirror, leading her on a treasure hunt. It takes her places (there is a cluttered scene in a library), when she finally winds up in the woods, near a waterfall, and finds she isn’t the only recipient of such kindness.

The old Howdy Doody puppet show in the 1950s had a treasure hunt one time. The title of the movie, of course, invokes the board game.

The picture is of a falls near Route 61 near Lake Superior north of Duluth MN, mine, Oct 1, 2019 

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