Thursday, November 19, 2020

"Soul Goes to Another Universe": The central dogma of biocentrism

WMAP 2010

“3QuestionKnow” looks at “Scientists Discover What Happens after Death: Soul Goes to Another Universe

The video looks at biocentrism. There is a view that souls are instances of consciousness, and when a baby is created, the microtubules in the brain link to one such instance.

After death, the instance travels to another universe and repeats the cycle.

There are records of NDE’s after brain death, where the consciousness seems to have been mirrored in cells of the body, enabling resuscitation.

Think about when you doze off, and start a dream, which you can’t remember but which you know you “experienced”, almost as an alternate reality.

In some animals or organisms, the logical equivalent of “microtubules” is dispersed throughout the body in varied ways.

You consciousness could also be viewed as a box in space-time, of all the information content of your lifetime, which could be reviewed.  Maybe it could be stored on the surface of a microblackhole and transferred to someone else to read.

It could matter how you die.  If your brain is incinerated by a shotgun, maybe the consciousness cannot be preserved.

Cosmic microwave background, NASA. p.d., Wikipedia embed (click for attribution) 

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