Sunday, November 08, 2020

"Detroit, Become Human": Gavid Reed finds love from a cyborg who rents his human body to order on Earth; is this about lookism?


The VickeyLove900 channel offers “Detroit Evolution Movie: Detroit Become Human”, from Gavin Reed + RK900.

Gavin (the human) has become the boyfriend of an alien, who seems handsomely human and lean, with real skin and even hairy arms, but who can phase back (like an octopus) into looking like and android with artificial skin.

Gavin wants the alien to help him find love, in a setting with dark, rainy streets.

The concept that you can have a human body when on Earth and then return it to go back (like renting a car when you travel) is certainly interesting.  Maybe there is a collision damage waiver, covered by American Express. 

 This video appears to be a short that was followed by a full 1 hour 15 minute feature (reminds me of "The House of Adam" which started as a short). I may look at that one later.  It is said to be a fanmade film (Aug. 2020). 

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