Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"A Lost Youth?" from DW News Documentaries; are young adults sacrificing their social development to protect the elderly from COVID? Not so fast


A Lost Youth? Do Teenagers Sacrifice Their Youth for the Health of the Elderly?”, DW News documentary (11 min) from Nov. 6.

The film shows scenes with teens in Greece, Poland, and the UK.  There is mention of a secondary fallout on GLBTQ youth.

Generally, teens and college or university age kids are giving up inclass school and normal social activities and sports, allegedly, in some accounts, to protect the elderly and people in nursing homes (?) because the elderly are much more vulnerable to COVID-19 – but the cavalry may be on the way with at least two vaccines.

But students are kept under almost dorm detention and told not to party because of the bizarre nature of the pandemic.

It’s important to remember that some young adults have died, and some do have severe disabilities, and a few have gotten a post-COVID severe shock (autoimmune) syndrome.  One 18 year old died of cardiac arrest in Ohio after apparently mild COVID.

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