Saturday, October 10, 2020

"The Laws of the Universe" from DUST: well, if you can teleport you can get out of jail (when the aliens come)


The Laws of the Universe”(14 min) is offered by Chris Mangano and written by Adam Aresty, for DUST.

An inmate (who is black) waits for his parole hearing in a jail cell in Los Angeles.  When they don’t come for his, his mother calls and tells him to look at the TV.  A spaceship hovers over downtown LA, and it seems people are being sucked up.

No one can help him get food until a white jailer shows up, with a flashlight device that lets him teleport himself. The inmate gets out of prison by wrestling the device away.

I am reminded of the film “Skyline” (See cf blog, Nov. 14. 2010).

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