Thursday, October 29, 2020

"Clearwater": a young woman honors social distancing when hiking near a creek, but that is not enough


Rob Jobbaz presents the short horror film “Clearwater” (6 min) for Dust.

A young woman (Joan Loluo) is hiking alone near a creek with many falls and pools (social distancing). A mosquito bites her (shown quite graphically).  Think dengue, or other arboviruses (maybe Zika). (Dengue is interesting and scary because of "antibody dependent enhancement", but I digress.) 

The mosquito takes her blood to an underwater monster who wants to use her DNA to make a copy of her. Well, the copy may not be exact!

I remember a trail in Shenandoah (Cedar Run, maybe), where one of the hikers wanted to take "the low road" and keep us climbing over rocks in a "clearwater" creek, rather than the smoother trail above. 

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