Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"6 of the Biggest Single-Celled Organisms", and a few are several centimeters long (wine bottles, underwater grapes)

Acetabularia sp 20110530a


If I find a video that shows me something from science that I didn’t know and is important, I like to showcase it, even if it isn’t a formal “movie”.

Today, it’s “6 of the Biggest Single-Celled Organisms”.

A few of them are several millimeters long, and sometimes have multiple nuclei. Actually one of them is several centimeters and looks like an underwater grape.  

One of them lives near volcanic vents and have spicules that capture prey, and resemble sponges.

The Acetabularia (“wine glass”) has all of its genetic material in a nucleus at the base, but then uses mRNA to control the cell, and can make new nuclei to reproduce.

Some of these “protists” are not necessarily animals or plants in the normal sense (except for the algae).

Does the slime mold belong in this discussion? 

Wikipedia picture of acetabularia, click for attribution 

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