Thursday, September 10, 2020

Will diversity inclusion standards from the Oscars affect creativity (at least for "Best Picture")?

The Oscars have announced some diversity representation rules for “Best Picture” Oscar, as explained in the New York Times by Nicole Sperling.  

The most visible provision might be at least one major or major supporting role be not white.  But an alternative includes up to 30% of other characters from underrepresented groups, which can include LGBTQ.  But a cis white gay character probably would not be perceived by audiences as meeting the standard because of being part of the establishment.  It would be interesting to ponder “Call Me By Your Name” in this regard.  It could be controversial when straight men play gay characters, but maybe not “cis” characters.  The full standards don’t take effect until 2024.

A sensitive issue occurs in a male LGBT film is a white character is attracted only to other cis white males.  There are anthropological reasons why this happens.  

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