Friday, September 25, 2020

"Men Don't Whisper": A gay couple tries to early two gold stars on a business trip to a sales conference

Men Don’t Whisper”, from Cinelease, and a short at Sundance, is offered on the Powerful Channel.

John Firstman directs, written with Charlie Rogers.

They play a gay couple who have been hired as salesmen.  At a sales conference, they get a lot of sales culture (the “always be closing” stuff) at a motivation session (like in “100 Mile Rule”) and then go to the hotel bar.


 They meet a pair of women and decide to test their masculinity to see if they can earn their gold stars.

The women don’t catch on at first, in their hotel room, but get really mad when they figure out the joke.

The film says it was shot in the Hotel Angelino, on the 405, and I stayed there four days in 2012.  Valet parking only. Pictures here are mine, taken in the room. 

The film was placed on YT recently.  It probably would get an R rating (for one explicit scene, and coarse language).

Of course, I’m reminded of the title “Boys Don’t Cry

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