Saturday, September 26, 2020

Connor Franta gives us "An Honest Update"


Connor Franta (Minnesota-Wisconsin) celebrates his 28th birthday, now living well off media income in West Hollywood by (1) waking up to his security camera catching a burglar trying to get into his house; the burglar runs (2) he gets rear-ended by his neighbor some distance away from the comfy Santa Monica Blgd;  (3) here is an earthquake. He titles this recitation "An Honest Update". 

But he manages to create an impressionistic collage to make this (socially distanced) monologue all into film anyway.

At least he hasn’t been affected by the wildfires and seems to be healthy and staying away from Covid. The white male gay community seems to be the safest of all in big cities in not getting infected.  But he says 2020 has just been weird.

I had prodded him to make a video by commenting on Instagram yesterday when he encouraged everyone to plan their voting now and request mail ballots if possible.

Picture: West Hollywood near The Abbey, May 2012, my visit. 

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