Tuesday, August 25, 2020

"Voices from the Black Lives Matter Protests", short film from Vanity Fair, and it does make a point

Breonna Taylor Memorial Louisville Kentucky

 Vanity Fair and director Rodney Passe present the 8-minute short film “Voices from the Black Lives Matter Protests”, and that pretty much includes all of them recently.

One protester explains something.  It goes like this.  “You are bent up on property destruction.  But if police can come at will at kill us, we don’t even own our own bodies”.  (That refers to slavery in the past, although he doesn’t say that explicitly.) What good is your property then?  He could have added, your property is worthless because it is predicated on an unfair system that victimized us.  It’s time for you to learn what it means to become the victim you despise because of the prejudices of others.

So this gets very personal.  Even so, mainstream journalists and vloggers are paying heed to BLM as an organization when as such (not the movement, just the organization) seems to have Marxist origins.  And Marxism (especially Maoism) can turn vengeful. 

The Jacob Blair medical condition update was broadcast by the family late today (see Issues Blog). 

Picture: Memorial for Breonna Taylor in Louisville KY, wikipedia embed, click for CCSA attribution  

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