Wednesday, August 05, 2020

"Pandemic": short film meditation on living through it in quarantine, separated from a lover

-RedForEd (41008219574)
Darious Britt (“D4Darious”) directs and stars in his meditation “Pandemic”, with Darious playing Ty, Late Cannon playing Brin, and Travis Klecska playing Bruce, and music by It has the feel of a Terrence Mallick film. 

A mixed-race young couple is separated by quarantines in Arizona, while bad news about the pandemic keeps invading their spaces.

Darious (Ty) goes on hand-washing binges (it’s mostly your fingertips that touch things) and then there is bizarre metaphor with a dripping showerhead.

Then it seems he travels, maybe he’s in the Army.

Then he and his girl friend, communicating with Skype, agree not to talk about coronavirus or watch the news for 48 hours.

The film is accompanied by a detailed “making of” short, and D4Darious’s channel seems to be made for filmmakers.

Picture, Wikipedia embed, Arizona teacher's strike protest from 2018;  maybe there will be another one about returning to classroom  (click for attribution). 

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