Friday, August 07, 2020

"New York City's Big Tunnel Problem" hasn't gone away

NJT NEC enters Hudson Palisades

The Deteriorating Tunnel that could Break New York City”, as explained by Cheddar (and Jil Jonnes). I would retitle “New York City’s Big Tunnel Problem”.

The documentary gives the history of the two tunnels under the Hudson that Amtrak and commuter railroads depend on, and the controversy over reconstruction projects, especially since the Hurricane Sandy damage in 2012.  The north tunnel (southbound) seems particularly vulnerable.  The two tunnels are called the "North River Tunnels".  In the past, the passenger would see an open area coming out of the tunnel in NYC before going into Penn Station (which has been completely remodeled).  Now you don't see that.  (You can't go right now because of the quarantines, but that is another matter.) 

You can see the NJ/NY stateline inside the tunnels (as with the Lincoln Tunnel). 

There is mention of the bankruptcy of Penn Central in 1970, which I remember well from my young adulthood.

A permanent closure of one tunnel could cost NYC $16 billion a year. 
There is a rotating draw bridge over an inlet in NJ south of the tunnels that often fails, causing Amtrak delays.

Picture: embed from Wikipedia, north Bergen entrance, click for attribution 

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